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Experts on Lucky Bamboo, feng shui, all kinds of houseplants, the art of bonsai, care to make plants thrive, and information about diseases,  enemies and common pests. You may surf and explore with confidence on our site

As you explore these pages, you'll learn about the rewards and satisfaction in growing house plants, common diseases and enemies or pests, water gardening, a little bit about exotic house plants. We also have information about Lucky Bamboo, its relationship to feng shui, and the symbolism of some Oriental cultures. We also have general information  .


December: Before you buy your Christmas Poinsettia, check this article: Poinsettia, the Christmas Star. You just might save yourself some disappointment! Then follow up with Poinsettia, Advanced Care & Propagating. These timely articles on Poinsettias have been added to our Exotic Plants pages, along with Crown of Thorns and Crotons! Find interesting information and care of these lovely plants!


 including Cattleya, Moth Orchids (Phalaenopsis) and more to be added! As soon as the Christmas poinsettias are out of style or season, stores are flooded with beautiful, exotic orchids of every variety, color, shapes and size! Interestingly, some people go ahead and buy the blooming plants (which are sometimes rather expensive) and when they are done blooming, they toss them out. The rationale is it's like buying a bouquet of flowers that you know will last for a time and then wither. Don't feel that way about orchids! With a little TLC and know-how, you can keep these beauties for years. Yes! With the right care, they will continue to bloom year after year right in your own living room. Read our pages and become the envy of your friends and neighbors!

AFRICAN VIOLETS.  On a recent gardening program, the host went into great detail about care of African Violets. We were all ears, of course, and even more attentive when he discussed spraying the plants with water. That really got our attention! African violets do not like wet leaves. It causes spotting and ... rotting!  For truth in African violet care, see African Violets in our Common House Plants section. And check out our new pages: About African Violets, Primary Care of African Violets, Advanced Care of African Violets and Propagating African Violets. They are just too much fun to miss out on! 

But please! No showers. They like dry leaves! 

Soon to be added - Plants that bite back - carnivores of the plant kingdom, deadly beauties! You keep checking and we keep adding! If you have questions, please contact us and don't forget to look on our FAQs and FACTS page.

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