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If you're a pet lover, chances are you have noticed one of your prize house plants become a little tattered and torn looking for some unknown reason. I kept noticing wadded up leaves under a Christmas cactus, rips and tears in the leaves on the stems. The grandkids sometimes pick off a leaf or two but these appeared "chewed" ... Simon! Yep, I caught the cat in the act. How do you keep your house pets from devouring your house plants? I found the answer! No need to be green with envy .... Simon shares this simple, effective, nutritious and GREEN remedy on his own page - Simply Simon!

You can find information here for plants that are not good for pets to eat.


Do you know that ants enslave aphids and put them to work manufacturing food for ants? They do! Did you know that a bug's worst enemy is often another bug? Get expert advice on how to combat plant pests by going to House Plant Enemies.

Children of all ages can get involved in simple water gardening. Growing Lucky Bamboo is just a beginning. We show you how to grow plants from fruits you buy at the grocery store - have you not yet tried growing an avocado tree?


We have a great section on growing plants from seed; you'll be amazed at how many opportunities there are! The neat thing is that you can plant these seeds at any time of the year. After the Christmas season is over and kids become restless by being house-bound, it's a good time to pick up some potting soil and plant a few grape seeds in a paper cup. They sprout rather quickly and little ones are often awed when they see the tiny little green leaves popping out of the dirt. If your climate permits, you can even transplant the grape vines outside and let them go-grow wild!

Children also get a bang out of planting apple seeds, orange and lemon seeds. Those seedling trees can be trained into successful Bonsai arrangements. Be sure to visit Growing Plants From Seed for more great ideas.