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If you've heard of feng shui before but don't know a whole lot about the concept - join the club! Devotees are quick to point out that feng shui is not a philosophy, a religion nor an interesting Eastern superstition. It might be described as a mathematical art form; it is often explained as an ancient art and science developed by the Chinese at least 6,000 years ago. Certainly, feng shui is a way of blending certain components into a friendly, healthy and inviting environment, finding harmony between yourself and nature, and channeling your energy into a positive direction that benefits you and those around you.


Lucky bamboo is a unique and beautiful plant that is easy to grow and represents the five elements of feng shui. Experts advise that arrangements should contain water (representing water), a clay pot with gravel, sand or rock (representing earth), the color red or shades thereof (for fire), a coin or metallic silver/gold/copper charm (for metal) and the plant itself (representing wood).

Lucky bamboo pots are works of art by themselves. Esprit will soon have a page devoted to typical and appropriate pots for your lucky bamboo for purchase. As experts, you may rely on Esprit de Isle to offer nothing but the best!!